Matthew Wagner, C.A., M.S.O.M.

Health and personal empowerment through classical understanding.

Your best health is attainable. To get there, we start by thinking of health in a very different way.​

The typical modern view is that the body is an organic machine with replaceable parts.  This is a REAL problem. This mindset and its way of life create the majority of all illnesses, prevents you from recovering from them naturally, and turns the minor illnesses of today into the major illnesses of tomorrow.

There is a better way – a way that allows your body to heal itself and puts you back in control of your life.  This way uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, and meditation to alleviate your pain, rebuild your vitality, and cultivate a stable mind. The best medicine not only heals the problem, but empowers you with knowledge and experience, so that you can stay healthy and be fully present and engaged with your life.

This is best achieved through Classical Medicine. Classical Medicine will both challenge you and give you the resources to truly know and understand the body, to be in integrity with yourself, and to find the balance in your mind. Certainly, aches and pains, stresses and illnesses are treatable. The journey doesn’t have to stop there. The real power of Classical Medicine is how you may transform along the way of attaining health.

If you are excited to explore, grow, and empower yourself, I look forward to meeting you!

Healthy Body

with Acupuncture


There’s no reason to let pain decrease your quality of life.  Whether acute or chronic, Medicine Grove can help you get relief from pain and injury, so that you can go back to living your life.  We’ll also address the underlying causes and develop strategies to keep your pain from coming back.

Vital Spirit
with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Vitality is function; it’s how the body works.  We can help it work better.  This means not only better energy, it means healthy and strong body systems.  Chronic stress, illness, and poor food and exercise choices will weaken internal function leading to a lower quality of life and create many debilitating conditions.  Over time, you may think this is just how life is – or you may think you’re just getting older.  But, these are often quite treatable.  With proper treatment and lifestyle choices, many chronic complaints resolve.


Peaceful Mind
with Mindfulness Meditation


Meditation, a.k.a mindfulness can give you your life back.  There will always be pressures, demands, intense emotions, and stressors. Meditation can help you find the mental balance in all of it.  It can make you the calm in the eye of the storm – able to compassionately respond instead of blindly react.  It can teach you the mental balance to not get snagged and triggered by a job, family, memories, etc.
Most importantly, through meditation, you may answer life’s deepest questions.

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A Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body.